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At Nationwide Heirship Research LLC., we understand the importance as well as the complexity of finding the heirs and devisees of the deceased. Regardless whether the decedent died recently or centuries ago, our team of experienced professionals can provide current day contact information for individuals or groups of individuals. NHR has a dedicated group of researchers located throughout the United States who “see the big picture”. NHR’s client base includes companies engaged in Renewable Energy Projects, Transmission and Pipeline Rights of Way Projects, Oil and Gas Companies, Attorneys and Land Service Companies. We also provide Research Services for companies and individuals in other industries, as appropriate.

Our services

*Please Note*

Our services do not include “skip tracing” or fugitive recovery services.

Courthouse Research

Nationwide Heirship Research, LLC. has a team of experienced Abstractors available to adverse owners and document out-conveyances as well as research title related issues.

Supporting Documentation

As requested, all search results may be accompanied by a complete history of search protocol, phone logs, and copies of pertinent records/instruments. NHR can work closely with legal counsel to document missing interests and provide support materials for legal proceedings.

Descendants and Beneficiaries Research

Nationwide Heirship Research, LLC. will find descendants/beneficiaries and provide % of ownership, as requested.

Specific Person Search

Can’t find someone? Nationwide Heirship Research, LLC. can help! Our experienced team will search public records and interview known associates to determine present day contact information. (Note: we do not provide “skip tracing” or fugitive recovery services)

Document Recording

Nationwide Heirship Research, LLC. will acquire, as requested, foreign documents for recording in the public records of your project’s county.

Certified Mailing

Nationwide Heirship Research, LLC. will prepare, mail and track certified notices, curative documents or other project related instruments.

Royalties in Suspense?

Nationwide Heirship Research (NHR) works with mineral rights owners and Oil & Gas Producers to distribute money held in suspense to the correct parties.  There are many ways this asset could have been suspended, but the most likely way is that the asset was owned by an ancestor of yours.  When ownership changes, it is the new owner’s responsibility to notify and validate their claim to the asset.

How can we help you?  First, we ascertain that you are the rightful owner of the asset.  Second, we document the title gap between your ancestor and you by identifying the proper legal claimants and collecting the documentation needed to prove or disprove entitlement.  Third, we make the proper application to the custodian of the asset and fulfill all its requirements for vesting the asset in you as the rightful owner.  This process often takes a few weeks, but that can vary depending on the complexity of the chain of ownership. 

If you are interested in talking further with us about how we can restore you to full ownership of the asset in question, please call us at (304) 916-7500.



Did you receive a letter from us?


Why Contact Me?

                We believe there is a financial account to which you may be entitled. 

What happens next?

When you chose to use our services, NHR will obtain all necessary documents such as court proceedings and vital records and will prepare a claim on your behalf to recover the asset.  

What does this cost?

There is no out-of-pocket cost to you.  NHR will cover all administrative issues and fees.  If your claim is denied you will not owe anything.  When your claim is successful NHR will only charge a reasonable percentage of the currently-held value of the asset, leaving you with by far the vast majority of the value of the asset and ALL the future earnings on it. 

Why should I use NHR?

If you attempted to undertake this process on your own, likely you would not be able to follow the ownership trail because some information comes from specialized sources that may not be available to the general public.  Also, you likely would have to hire a lawyer and pay attorney’s fees, which can be as high as 40% of the current value and future earnings of the asset.

NHR doesn’t take a cut of the future earnings  generated by the asset; we only charge a reasonable percentage of the currently-held value, leaving you with by far the vast majority of the current value of the asset and ALL the future earnings on it. 

What do I need to do?

When you chose to use our services, we will send you forms to sign authorizing us to proceed on your behalf.  We may also request a copy of documents you may have which will facilitate the claim process. 

Call us at (304) 916-7500

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