The managing members of Nationwide Heirship Research have over 70 years of combined experience in the Oil and Gas industry and are supported by an excellent team of experienced researchers.


Nationwide Heirship Research works primarly with, but is not limited to, Oil and Gas, and Land Service businesses. We are able to apply our experience to the needs of individuals and other industries as well.
At NHR, we understand the importance as well as the complexity of finding the heirs and devisees of the deceased. Regardless whether the decedent died recently or centuries ago, our team of experienced professionals can provide current day contact information for individuals or groups of individuals. NHR has a dedicated group of researchers located throughout the United States who “see the big picture”. While we work for Oil and Gas Companies, Attorneys and Land Service Companies, we also provide research services for companies and individuals in other industries.
* Please Note - Our services do not include “skip tracing” or fugitive recovery services.