Our Services

Family HistoryNationwide Heirship Research, LLC provides a range of services including, but not limited to, the services listed below.

Specific Person Search

Can’t find someone? Nationwide Heirship Research can help! Our experienced team will search public records and interview known associates to determine present day contact information. (Note: we do not provide “skip tracing” or fugitive recovery services)

Descendants and Beneficiaries Research

Nationwide Heirship Research will find descendants/beneficiaries and provide % of ownership, as needed.



Family Heirs


Supporting Documentation

As requested, all search results may be accompanied by a complete history of search protocol, phone logs, and copies of pertinent records/instruments. NHR can work closely with legal counsel to document missing interests and provide support materials for legal proceedings.

Courthouse Research

Nationwide Heirship Research has a team of experienced Abstractors available to adverse owners and document out-conveyances as well as research title related issues..


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